About The Club

What We Do

The Club holds events throughout the year; from a day on the crags in the Peak District to a fortnight in the Alps. These include a number of predominantly social events, including an annual dinner. We also have a growing number of mountain bikers in our midst.

At each event we seek to set aside a time for informal discussion, Bible study, prayer or worship to help us focus on the Creator of the landscape in which we find so much pleasure. There is never any pressure to attend these times and people are quite welcome not to join if they prefer.

The club does not provide formal instruction in climbing or mountaineering, but when appropriate does arrange events which include subsidised training provided by qualified instructors. Naturally, our more experienced members are always more than happy to offer advice to those who want it.

Our events are variously based at mountaineering club huts, hostels, rented cottages and in the warmer months, camp sites. Our annual programme always includes a number of “parent friendly” events held at venues particularly suitable for young families.

We have a club newsletter sent out to members twice each year which includes our programme of events, and reports on recent Club activities.

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Who We Are

Our current membership is around 60 people, men and women, married and single, ranging in age from early 20’s to over 60′s.

Our members come from all over the country, although we are understandably somewhat biased towards the hillier northern regions. Whenever possible members share transport, especially those travelling from further afield which helps keep costs down.

Non-members are welcome to attend events as guests. Please get in touch with the event organiser by clicking on the contact link for the appropriate event and let them know. All we ask is that if you wish to join us on subsequent events, please apply for membership within 3 months of your first event to make sure we stay on the right side of our insurance requirements.

How Does it Work?

The Club has a Committee who are responsible for all the dull stuff – booking venues, arranging a programme, liaising with the BMC and generally keeping the rest of us in order. Even that can be fun – honest!

As for the events themselves we encourage as many members as possible to get involved in helping to run trips including acting as Event Contact, organising and helping with the catering, and sending out joining instructions. That way, we share the fun and the responsibility, and no-one gets overloaded. But don’t worry – as a guest you are just that and nothing will be expected from you – until you join us, of course!

Activities on events are organised informally. Some members have their own fixed plans for walks or climbs and are happy for others to join them. Other members arrive with no agenda and their plans evolve depending on the weather, other members present and how they happen to be feeling at the time. There are no organised walks but teaming up with like-minded people is seldom a problem, and event leaders always ensure that newer members are not on their own.

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