Climbers Network

Co-ordinator:    Lorna Nicholson

To provide more opportunity for climbers within the club to climb.

Who is it for?

Climbers need to be competent at belaying and comfortably able to Lead/second/top rope at least a V Diff graded climb on a single pitch crag.

How does it work?

The network will be advertised in the events update
Anyone can join who meets the criteria by emailing
Lorna will form a list of names and contact details of those who want to be involved and send it round to other members.
You can then email the group to communicate:
If you are planning a climbing trip and would like to invite others – which may be to a wall or an outside crag, for the evening, a day or a longer event
Communicate your availability to climb to the rest of the group.
Could also be used to ask questions, discuss equipment……..


We will continue to have a number of advertised climbing events, a number of which will be suitable for novices.

So  ….   What are you waiting for?
If you would like to be included on a group email which responds to good weather conditions for climbing events, please contact Lorna Nicholson on

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