What We Do

Mountain Walking and Scrambling

We regularly hold events in North Wales, the Lake District and Scotland with walks to accommodate all reasonable standards of fitness. View the mountain walking gallery.


We plan climbing events wherever there are crags – be they granite, sandstone, gritstone or limestone. Climbers from beginners to those climbing at around E1 are regularly found at events and each year we aim to include at least one meet focused especially on beginners. View the rock climbing gallery.

Mountain Biking & Paddling

Seldom the principal focus of Club events, but we do have a core of keen participants in both activities with bikes in particular, in use at most week-end trips. View the I need your pictures, O bikers and paddlers gallery.

Winter Events

Our Scottish long week-ends and weeks are particularly popular with opportunities for walking, general mountaineering, and ice climbing. In recent years we have been fortunate to be able to book long week-ends at the CIC hut below Ben Nevis. View our winter mountaineering gallery.

Family Events

Our membership includes a number of young families and each year we arrange several “parent-friendly” events, at venues where parents can be relaxed, kids can be kids – and others don’t have to hide! View the family events gallery.

Social Events

Our calendar includes a number of out-and-out social events including an annual dinner, and a much-loved Christmas Ramble when the hills play second fiddle to mince pies, mulled wine and all things festive. View the social events gallery.


The club does not provide formal instruction in climbing or mountaineering, but where appropriate we arrange events which include subsidised training provided by qualified instructors. Naturally, our more experienced members are always more than happy to offer advice to those who want it. View the training events gallery.


Weekend and longer events are variously based at mountaineering club huts, hostels, rented cottages and in the warmer months, campsites. With the exception of the annual dinner which is usually held in a hotel. This allows us to keep costs to a bare minimum. View our typical venues gallery.

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